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Product Overview:

1.      Characteristics
1.1  CWF series is specifically designed NTC thermistor temperature sensor.
1.2  Long time stavility, annual resistance excursion rate≤5‰.
1.3  High precision resistance and B value, good consistency, interchangeable.
     (Resistance and B value tolerance can be ±1%)
1.4  High sensitivity, fast response, resistance temperature coefficient can be –(2~5)%/℃.
1.5   Good insulation, anti mechanical collision, anti bending, high reliability.
1.6  Can be encapsulated upon specific installation condition, convenient for installation.
1.7  High temperature measurement precision
2.      Application
Applied in the temperature measurement and control of home air conditioner, automobile air conditioner,
refrigerator, freezer, water heater, coffee maker, microwave oven, oven, drinking machine, warm machine,
dish washer, disinfection tank, washing machine, drying machine, soybean milk machine, bathroom, etc.

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