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MF52B Series  
  MF52B Series

Product Overview:

1.      Characteristics
1.1  MF52B series in the form of radial enameled Cu wire.
1.2  Wide resistance range 2~200KΩ
1.3  High precision of resistance and B value.
1.4  High temperature measurement precision, can be ±0.1℃.
1.5   Small dimension, fast response.
1.6  High reliability.
1.7  Can Operate in long time stability.
1.8  Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +105℃.
2.      Application
2.1  Electronic thermometer.
2.2  Medical apparatus.
2.3  Home appliance, such as air conditioner, refrigerator, deep freezer, soybean milk machine, bread machine, drinking
machine, etc.
3.      Dimension  (Unit:mm)

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