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MF58D Series  
  MF58D Series

Product Overview:

1.      Characteristics
1.1  MF58D series in the form of radial glass encapsulated form.
1.2  Good stability, high reliability.
1.3  Wide resistance range:2~5000KΩ
1.4  High precision resistance and B value.
1.5   Glass encapsulated, can operate in high temperature and moisture environment.
1.6  Small dimension, solid, convenient for automatic installation.
1.7  Operating temperature range: -45 ~ +300℃
1.8  Fast heat induction, high sensitivity.
2.      Application
2.1  Home appliance temperature control and inspection, such as induction cooker, voltage boiler, rice cooker, electric
oven, disinfection tank, microwave oven, electric warm kiln.
2.2  Electronic thermometer.
2.3  Temperature measurement and inspection for the application of industry, medical , environment protection, weather
forecast, food processing equipment, etc.
3.      Dimension  (Unit:mm)

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