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MF72 Series  
  MF72 Series

Product Overview:

1.      Characteristics
1.1  MF72 series in the form of radial resin coated form.
1.2  Small dimension, powerful, strong in inrush current limiting.
1.3  Fast response.
1.4  Large material constant, lower residue resistance.
1.5   Long life, high reliability.
1.6  Complete part, wide operation range.
1.7  Operating temperature -55~+200 ℃
2.      Application
2.1  Conversion power, switch mode power supply, UPS power.
2.2  Energy saving lights, ballast.
2.3  Electronic circuit, power supply circuit.
3.  Selection Principle
3.1  Maximum operating current > Actual operating current in the power loop
3.2  Rated zero power resistance at 25C
        of which, E: loop voltage, Im: Surge current
For conversion power, reversion power, switch power, UPS power, Im=100 times operating current
For filament, heater, Im =30 times operating current
3.      Dimension  (Unit:mm)

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