NTC Sensor
  PTC Sensor
  Ceramic PTC Thermistor
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  High Frequency Transformer
MZ11-265 Series  
  MZ11-265 Series

Product Overview:


1.      Characteristics

1.1  MZ11 series PTC thermsitor is pin resin coated parts.

1.2  Suitable to operate continuously in 250/265VAChigh resistance state

1.3  Has complete parts

1.4  Long stability.

1.5   Automatically reset after protection.

1.6  No contact point, no noise.

2.      Application

2.1  Switch power supply

2.2  Transformer, adapter.

2.3  Electronic coil, control panel

2.4  Home electric applianceair-conditioner, microwave oven, etc.

2.5  Electronic circuit.

3.      Dimension  Unitmm


4.      Part number explanation


5. Data Sheet










Notes:  1.Part number with * indicates that the part has been UL listed.

2.R25 resistance tolerance can be selected upon customer’s requirement.

3.Pin kinked form can be selected.

4.Packing can be made upon customer’s requirement.

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