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Product Overview:


1. Characteristics

1.1  LPTC series in the form of axial glass encapsulated form.

1.2  As the construction material is mainly semiconductor monocrystalline silicon, also called silicon thermistor.

1.3  Resistance increases with the temperature rises in linearity, also called linear PTC thermistor.

1.4  Dissipation factor2.5~5mW/

1.5   Maximum operating currentIopr=1.0mA

1.6  Stability: annual diversification rate≤0.01/per year.                                    

1.7  Temperature coefficientα25/50≥0.7%/

1.8  Rated power10mW

1.9  Operating temperature range-50~+150

1.10 Small dimension, tightness, convenient for automatic installation.

1.11 Glass encapsulated, can operate in high temperature and moisture environment.

2. Application

2.1  Automobile temperature inspection and control.

2.2  Home appliance temperature inspection and compensation.

2.3  Precision circuit and crystal oscillator temperature compensation.

2.4  Micro motor timing control.

2.5  Medical equipment temperature inspection and control.

3. Dimension  Unitmm


 4. LPTC Data Sheet and R-T Table


Note: Resistance tolerance at 25 can be ±1%,±3%,±5%.

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