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Product Overview:


1. Product name
Flexible heater including Ecthed foil heater, kapton film heater, Silicon rubber heater, PET heater, Mica heater

2. Introduction

Flexible heaters are just what the name implies: thin, bendable and shaped to fit your equipment. You can apply heat to the most complex shapes, geometries conceivable without sacrificing efficiency or dependability.

3. Flexible heater types

Materials               Max. watt density    Max. temp.     Thickness

Silicone rubber          2.1 W/cm2,             260          0.8~2mm

Polyimide(Kapton)      7.8 W/cm2,             200          0.12mm

PET                          0.2 W/cm2,             85           0.2~04mm

Mica                         12.0 W/cm2            600          0.75mm

4. Advantage
High, low & variable watt density heating element,

high quality performance under a variety of condition

5. How to order
Determined width, length, volts and watts.

For Made-to-Order heaters, please provide the following:

Qty, Size, Voltage,
Watt density, Temperature,
Operating temperature,

Options, such as holes, PSAS,

7. Application

Medical equipment, Battery heating, Foodservice equipment,
Factory bonding and subassemblies, Photographic equipment,
Optical equipment, Material Handling, Freeze protection for hardware

Any application requiring a flexible shape or design

8. More detail

Makesafer Technology manufactures a variety of flexible heaters including Ethed foil heater, Film heater, Silicone rubber heaters, Drum heaters, Polyimide (Kapton film) heaters, PET heaters and Flexible mica heaters.




9. Note:

For more information about flexible heaters, please contact us, we are one of the most professional manufacturers in China !

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