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MT-JK Series  
  MT-JK Series

Product Overview:

PPTC Resettable Fuse Fundamentals
PPTC resettable fuse is based on the dynamic equilibrium of energy. When PPTC resettable fuse being at Iow resistance state, it does not operate. When the current continue to keep increasing and the ambient temperature keep rising, PPTC resettable fuse will come to a rather high temperature, then the quantity of heat produced will be larger than that sent forth, thus causing the temperature of PPTC resettable fuse abruptly rising up.
In this stage, the least change of temperature will cause resistance value substantially increasing and PPTC resettable fuse will be in the high resistance protection state. The increase of impedance will limit current, which will dramatically fall within a very short time, protecting circuit unit from damaging. Once the high current disappears, PPTC resettable fuse will automatically reset itself.
MT-JK6 Series
1.  Application
MT-JK6 series are suitable for the lower working voltage and lower current. It can be applied to the fields such as PC main board,PC out-device, electronic toy,etc.
2.  Dimension  (Unit:mm)

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